Conservative leader David Cameron has asked Google's CEO Eric Schmidt to be part of his Economic Recovery Committee in order to advise on ways that the Conservative party could work to solve the current financial crisis.

The committee we will guide the party on policy in the run up to the next general election says the Tory leader.

Mr Schmidt will join the new Economic Recovery Committee as an international business adviser alongside other "Captains of industry" that, say the Tories, will "draw together top talent to help come up with the best policies".

"They have a great knowledge of businesses they work in", said David Cameron in his monthly press conference. "They are not carrying Conservative Party membership cards", he added.

Schimdt, who will be working in a personal guise, will be expected to sit "around the table with me and my economic team on a fortnightly basis, looking at the issues in front of the British economy and the plans we will need for the future", Cameron said.