Google has started letting users of its Google calendar service view offline without the need for an internet connection.

The move, which follows an announcement for Google's Gmail users earlier in the week, sees yet another Google service become accessible away from the internet.

Google App users were alerted to the new feature on Thursday by the word "Offline" in red on the menu bar when checking their calendar.

"Google Calendar will give you read-only access to your calendars when there is no internet connection", the instructions read when clicking on the link before warning that: "This feature will download your events onto this computer. Please make sure you are not using a public or shared computer".

Similar to Google's Gmail offline feature the company cites the reason for the move is to allow users to overcome "flaky connections or for when you're in between meetings and have no idea where you're supposed to be next".

Those looking for the new feature to replace Outlook or Apple's iCal might however be disappointed, since its read only status means it won't be possible to "create, edit, or delete events".