Google has rejigged its "labels" system in Gmail, admitting that "it's not always obvious how to use labels" with some common tasks "more complicated than they should be".

With the old system, to move an email out of the inbox and into a label users first had to apply the label using the "More actions" menu and then click "Archive".

Changes to the service mean the buttons and menus at the top of of a Gmail inbox have now changed.

Instead of having to first apply the label and then archive, users can just use the "Move to" button to label and archive in a single step - just like you would with a folder, Google says.

If users just want to add or remove a label, they can use the new "Labels" button with the auto-complete feature selecting the one users want just by typing the first couple characters with keyboard shortcuts available too.

Google is rolling out the changes to all Gmail users over the next few days.