It seems Google is not immune to the current economic downturn. As well as the news that 100 jobs are to go in the company's recruitment division, it's emerged that Google is axing peripheral projects.

It's not unusual for Google to pull the plug on unsuccessful projects - arguably it's a fairly experimental company that tries its hand at various niche products - but this week has seen six such projects killed in a matter of days.

In a series of blog posts, Google has announced that it is putting a stop to Google Catalogs, Google Video, Dodgeball, Google Mashup Editor, Google Notebook, and further development of Jaiku.

Notebook will stay online, as will Google Video, although no new clips can be uploaded while Jaiku will launch as an open source project on Google Code.

Mashup Editor is being closed but is said to be replaced by the App Engine infrastructure and Catalog Search gets the same treatment in favour of Google Book Search.

Dodgeball, a service that lets users share locations via SMS, will be shut down altogether.