Google has revealed the fastest-rising search terms of 2008, ahead of the search engine's annual year-end Zeitgeist report.

A "sneak peek" of what the site's US users have been looking for throughout the year, Google says it has "combed through billions of anonymous, aggregated search queries to bring you this snapshot of what's been top-of-mind for Americans in the past 11 months".

When compared to 2007, the following terms have seen the most growth over the past year. Unsurprisingly Obama tops the list, with Palin coming in at 7.

AT&T and the iPhone take an impressive third and fourth place while YouTube and Facebook are both in, presumably for those who can't work out what URL the sites might use. Here's the full list:

1. Obama
2. Facebook
3. Att
4. iPhone
5. YouTube
6. Fox News
7. Palin
8. Beijing 2008
9. David Cook
10. Surf the channel