We can look forward to at least one other Android-based mobile phone hitting the market, although not from one of the big makers.

US company Hop-On that offers the "Anti-iPhone," and "disposable" mobiles for as low as $10, has announced it is planning a handset based on Google's mobile operating system.

"Hop-on will be launching its new open 'Android Platform' device at the Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas January 2009. This phone will be sold for under $200," reads a statement from the company.

A Hop-On exec is quoted as stating, "Hop-on is committed in bringing the latest technology to the market, the Android open platform makes Hop-on competitive in the high end mobile phone market."

In the States the T-Mobile G1 sells for $179 - but on a contract. Presumably Hop-On's contribution will be sold on a pay as you go basis.