Google Maps users are now able to get traffic data from the Highways Agency so they can try and avoid the traffic jams.

The new service, which is live from Wednesday will allow UK users to overlay traffic data to the Google run mapping service so they can see what the traffic is like before leaving the office.

The new overlay adds a colour-coded layer of the average speeds on England's motorways and major "A" road network onto the existing Google Map site with different colours indicating the current speed of traffic and users will be able to see current "live" traffic as well as historical data at different times of the day.

"This sort of project is a key part of our information strategy aimed at getting traffic information out to motorists where and when they need it", said Denise Plumpton, Director of Information at the Highways Agency.

However it doesn't look like the service is available on the mobile phone version suggesting that you'll either need to bring your computer with you or hope the traffic situation doesn't change once you've hit the road.