He's a couple of years off his own space flight, but Google co-founder Sergey Brin decided to visit a fellow space tourist and wish him luck before his journey to the stars.

Brin made a surprise visit to Russia's Baikonur cosmodrome to visit his friend, US computer game developer Richard Garriott, who will be blasting off into orbit aboard Russia's Soyuz spaceship on Sunday.

Garriott has paid $35 million for his ticket to the International Space Station, while Brin has paid a $5 million deposit for his journey to the ISS in 2011.

Garriott is reported by Reuters to have "waved and joked as he talked with Brin and others during a private meeting from behind a glass quarantine panel designed to protect his health ahead of the blast off".

"I feel great. Thank you", he said through a microphone, smiling.

Brin apparently jokingly inquired whether Garriott would have access to the Internet on the ISS, and then gave his friend a camera memory card as a good luck gift.