Google has angered the Android mobile phone operating system developer community by restricting access to the latest version of the software development kit, for the supposedly open platform, to just a few companies.

Leaving most Android developers struggling with a 4-month-old SDK, last updated in March, the company has provided access to the updated version only to the top 50 companies from its recent developer competition.

To make the situation worse, Google inadvertently emailed a notice to all developers letting them know the version - that will need access to in order to compete their apps - was live and ready to go.

"We're pleased to announce that SDK build 84853 is now available on your private download site. This will be the last build released for ADC Round 2 and is the build that you will need to submit your final application under."

This restriction has raised eyebrows considering that Apple launched their App Store for the rival iPhone platform last week with over 500 applications ready to download, becoming what many are calling the iPhone's biggest selling point.