Following the news that Google Street View image capturing cars have been spotted in London, it seems Google's plans to bring the service to the UK is under threat.

Privacy International, a global rights group based in the UK, believes the technology - that links to Google Maps and gives users a street level view of towns - breaks data protection laws.

Privacy International has contacted Google demanding more information about the system and is threatening to refer them to the Information Commissioner over privacy protection and ask for a suspension of the service in the UK.

Street View has previously come into criticism, and even been the subject of a lawsuit, in the States, prompting the web giant to add blurring and other privacy tools - activated on request.

Google has told Web User that the service will not be launched in the UK "until we are comfortable Street View complies with local law, including law relating to the display of images of individuals".

"We will use technology, like face-blurring, and operational controls, such as image removal tools, so Street View remains useful and in keeping with local norms wherever it is available", the Google spokesperson said.