Raucous revellers are using Google Earth to find new venues to party in.

The police are warning people across the country, in particular those who have a swimming pool to watch out for party animals.

Revellers are organising events online, using sites including Facebook and Bebo, and urging friends to come and take a plunge in someone else’s pool.

Their rules include stipulating that everyone has to wear fancy dress and also bring a bike to allow a fast getaway if the pool owner appears.

The Police say that pool owners have woken up to find youngsters having a dip or have even come back from work to find their pool full of beer cans.

Earlier this week alone 16 people are thought to have gatecrashed two pools near Bournemouth overnight.

The police are concerned that the craze may spread over the summer as the sun comes out.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police warned owners of swimming pools to be "on their guard".