Google has updated an app that allows users to see how popular certain search terms are across geographic regions, cities, and languages.

Google Trends now offers more scope for analysis with a tool that allows you to take figures off the graphs and download them onto a spreadsheet.

The service also now shows figures "scaled" so, for example, Google Trends scales the first term you've entered so that its average search volume is 1.00 in the chosen time period.

You can then see how traffic increases and decreases in relation to this.

There is also now a drop down menu that lets you change search terms and therefore the data.

And, says Google, the tool also now allows users to take information away with them for further analysis.

"To conduct your own, more detailed analyses, you can now easily export Trends data to a .csv file (a common format to import/export data), which can be opened in most spreadsheet applications."

"When you use the export function, you'll also have the choice of using either relative scaling or fixed scaling (scaled to a specific time range)", explains Google.