A survey of 1.5 million staff globally has revealed that Google is the best place to work.

The study was conducted by The Great Place to Work Institute, which evaluates all aspects of the work environment, from trust among workers to competition for place.

And, for the second year in a row Google is the number one on the list.

What makes staff happy - Google still serves free gourmet foods at all hours, provides transportation support to get to and from work in the US, childcare and eldercare resources, on-site medical staff, exercise facilities, as well as interesting guest speakers and entertainers, which, in the US, included Senator John McCain, Senator Hilary Clinton, and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Free foreign language lessons, including French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin are also sponsored by Google.

The team behind the poll explained: "This culture has engendered a high level of cooperation among employees and across departments, and an intense commitment from employees to the company and its mission. Google employees are proud of their work, and greatly enjoy the camaraderie of the workplace".

There is also a strong culture of innovation at Google with engineers encouraged to take 20% of their time to develop new product or service offerings, or to provide enhancements to current offerings, continues the research team.