Google is getting sued over Street View pics in the States by a Pennsylvania couple saying that images of their home that appear Street View "violated their privacy, devalued their property, and caused them mental suffering".

Mr and Mrs Boring (really) say the images of their home on the Google site had to be taken from their long driveway, labelled "Private Road" and that violated their privacy.

In response, Google, who have faced criticism over privacy issues with Street View in the past, says there is a way to request images are removed from the system, and that if the Borings had made this request, the website would have complied.

"There's no merit to this action", a Google spokesperson said. "It is unfortunate litigation was chosen to address the concern because we have visible tools, such as a YouTube video, to help people learn about imagery removal and an easy-to-use process to facilitate image removal."

The Boring's lawyer has said that removing the image doesn't undo the damage caused.