Google has today announced improvements to its service for iPhone users.

Faster and more customisable options are the claims being made for the latest version, which comes just over 1 month after the last update.

The previous version brought together applications including Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and others into one interface.

Google says it has now streamlined the interface further to make the applications faster.

Improvements include the option to customise the default tabs on the menu bar.

Users can choose their favorite Google applications to bring them to the front menu.

Google adds that Gmail has been speeded up and new emails will automatically show up without the user having to manually refresh inboxes.

Gmail also now includes an auto-complete feature for contacts.

The Calendar has a new month view, so that users can glance at an entire month of appointments.

And Google continues that Google users can now access their iGoogle gadgets on the iPhone.

These options are currently only available on the US iPhones but Google says it plans "to expand this experience to international versions of the iPhone and to other platforms that offer similar usability and browser capabilities".

To get the new Google experience on the iPhone, users must navigate to on their iPhone Safari browser.