In the near future, all the world's content will fit in the palm of your hand, according to Google when making IT predictions at Singapore's 2007 Captains of Industry Conference.

So stated Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, the vice president of Google's Asia Pacific and Latin America Operations who was discussing the falling price of data storage that has dropped since 1982 by a factor of 3.6 million.

Cassidy said: "If this trend continues, and the cost of storage continues to decrease, we estimate that somewhere around 2020, all the world's content will fit inside an iPod, and all the world's music would sit in your palm as early as 2015, rendering the CD format unnecessary".

"We estimate that everyday somewhere around 65,000 new videos are added to YouTube, [and] 100,000 blogs it's just staggering if you look at the rate at which content is being produced."