Navman has completely redesigned their NavDesk software, which allows you to manage your Navman GPS system.

The new NavDesk application features additions including a location search through Flickr and Google Earth upload and, like Navman's latest S-Series devices, has apparently been revamped in order to make the user experience "simpler and more intuitive".

With access to more than 25 million geotagged Flickr images, the software enables users to upload these onto NavPix-enabled Navman systems, and navigate straight to the location pictured at the touch of a button.

Users can also export their NavPix images into Google Earth, showing exactly where they were taken by overlaying them over Googles map of satellite images.

"The brand new NavDesk is a demonstration of Navman's innovative and pioneering nature, and also of our commitment to simple and straightforward navigation", said Colin Holloway at Navman Europe.

"When we created our latest range of award winning GPS systems, the S-Series, our priority was to provide the most user-friendly navigational experience possible - and the NavDesk software has been developed in exactly the same way. NavDesk allows users to manage their journeys quickly and simply, as well as inspiring them with original options via Flickr and Google."