IT Redux's Office 2.0 conference is going on now in San Francisco and is the venue where last year, Google announced Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Office 2.0 is all about the productivity side of Web 2.0 using online tools. So, the "cloud computing" concept that becoming quite a buzzword for people who want to work, using online software and services, without being tied to specific computers.

The iPhone looks like it will take centre stage this year - and not just because all attendees are being give one for free - but other news may eclipse iPhone widgets.

Speculation about what might be launched this year has been aided somewhat by Blogoscoped's recent find of what is perhaps the mythical consumer version of "GDrive" on Google Apps.

By changing the settings in a Google Apps account, the blogger was given the option to disable GDrive on his account - even though it wasn't currently enabled.

GDrive is the much rumoured online storage solution from Google that industry insiders speculate could eventually pave the way for a full blown Google OS.

Office 2.0 event producer Ismael Ghalimi has said that exciting developments can be expected from the 20 companies that will announce new products and services on September 6th.

"I can't tell you what this is all about; you're going to all discover that at noon on September the 6, but there are some very very interesting applications that will be released - especially several of them directly working on the iPhone so we're very excited about that."