It seems that Google has had a rethink on its policy for its Street View application.

It appears the internet giant has changed its privacy policy to appease protester's criticism that some of the photos on view to a global audience were a little too detailed.

Faces and car number plates can now be blurred in an effort to protect the privacy of those caught on one of the photos, taken by an army of Google camera equipped cars.

Apparently the change took place a few weeks ago, soon after the service went live, but reports it has only just come to light.

The blurring will only be implemented if it is requested. Marissa Mayer, a Google vice president told

"It's a good policy for users and also clarifies the intent of the product." She also said the company had received "not even dozens" of requests for pics to be removed.

Apparently now when Google receives a complaint about an offending potential privacy invasion, it changes the online image or removes it altogether.