Google has announced a "new, experimental feature" that will let people who are the subject of news reports comment directly about those stories.

The new feature will be tried out on the American version of the Google news page from this week but will be extended it it's successful.

"We'll be trying out a mechanism for publishing comments from a special subset of readers: those people or organizations who were actual participants in the story in question".

The long-term plan apparently is that any "participant" in a news story would be able to send their comments in to Google, who will then publish them next to the story.

So news becomes interactive almost, and offers something traditional news sources cannot, in Google's words:

"a personal view can sometimes add a whole new dimension to the story".

Apparently the comments will be published in full, without any editing, but clearly marked so that readers know it's the individual's perspective, rather than part the original story.

In a blog entry Google explained the thoughts behind the plan:

"From bloggers to mainstream journalists, the journalists who help create the news we read every day occupy a critical place in the information age.

But we're hoping that by adding this feature, we can help enhance the news experience for readers".