Google has introducing Mapplets, a new tool for customising Google Maps.

Mapplets lets you layer third-party info directly on Google Maps with a single click and to save these customised "Mapplets".

These mini-apps means that you can tailor Google Maps to show locations important to you.

The examples Google gives are for "real estate" listings, jogging trails, events and photos.

Anyone going on hols within the States can layer maps with hotels and weather forecasts, save that Mapplet add notes, and share it with family and friends.

Maps of property listings could be layered with findings about schools, transit links and crime statistics.

There are over 100 Mapplets currently featured in the Google Maps Directory from third-party developers and Google has also developed several.

There's Google Real Estate Search, you can look up YouTube Videos by location and see photos from while you browse Google Maps.

These new tools are in the Google Maps Directory, just click the "Add content" link in the "My Maps" tab in Google Maps.