Google has redesigned Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

The service has been updated several times since its launch less than a year ago, but this is the first redesign and it is, in Google's words, "pretty significant".

So what's changed?

There are visual differences with new icons, you can now go for chronological sorting, and Google has introduced an easier way to save documents in alternate formats.

Some highlights, as taken from the Google info available, are:

•Sidebar with folders: For those who used tags, all your tags have been converted into folders, and you can now drag and drop your documents into any folder. Just like tags, docs can live in multiple folders.

•Documents sorted by collaborator: Sometimes you can't think of the title or even the content of a document, but you remember whom you shared it with or who shared it with you. To make sorting easier, we've added new "created by me" and "shared with..." folders.

•Better search: With autocomplete, all relevant documents, folders, and collaborators are displayed as soon as you begin typing your search query.

Hope over now and check the changes and new features out for yourself via the link below.