In a pairing that could only be described Goliath versus Golaith, Yahoo and Google are sharing screen space on

A new site launched by the Toll Free Yellow Pages Corporation, a subsidiary of Yellow Pages Corporation, this gives you a chance to use both the major search engines in one simple website.

You just enter your search enquiry once, and then the results are displayed on a split screen.

This is obviously useful as it lets you effectively carry out two searches at once, but with the news recently that major search engine results have as little as a 1% result crossover, it is interesting to see how the two sets of results compare.

When screen is split, showing Google on one side and Yahoo on the other, the side that you move your cursor over expands across the majority of the screen, so you're not staring at tiny narrow columns of text.

On a flippant note, this effect also gives the appearance that the two sites are trying to jostle each other for a better share of the screen, which is quite amusing, considering that you are looking at two major competitors sharing screen space.

American, Canadian and Australian versions also available.

It's recommended. Check it now via the link below.