The boring maps that tell you are in the world when flying around it have just got a lot more advanced for some airplane passengers.

Amercian budget airliner JetBlue has announced that it has teamed up with Google to allow passengers to watch the search engine's Google Map software on their seat-back screens while in flight.

"We're constantly looking for ways to enhance our customers' in-flight experience", said Brett Muney, Manager Product Development for JetBlue. "With the addition of Google's advanced mapping technology, our customers can enjoy a seat with a view - tracking their flight's altitude, speed and location on the way to their destination."

Family and friends will also be able to pull up and track any flight via the same Google Maps interface, including the flight's estimated departure and arrival time.

Muney also suggested that this wasn't the only feature the airline would be implementing from Google:

"We look forward to future product developments with Google as we continue to innovate our in-flight entertainment options and other products."

The airline flies to over 50 destinations in the US.