Yet another one of the Apple iPhone's unique selling points as vanished with the announcement from Google that it is offering CallWave's Visual Voicemail gadget for Google Personalized Homepage.

The free (at least while it's still in Beta stage) desktop-based application that lets you see and hear your mobile phone voicemail messages on your computer as well as access voice mail out of the order it was recorded similar to the iPhone.

The Visual Voicemail gadget is part of the CallWave suite of Web 2.0 desktop widgets and gadgets for the mobile phone.

“The Google Visual Voicemail gadget optimizes the time mobile users spend at their computer”, said David Hofstatter, CEO for CallWave.

“We’re continuing our mission to establish the computer as a natural companion for the phone and enabling Google fans to manage mobile phone voicemail in ways never before thought possible."

The service provides you with a visual notification when new messages arrive, whether your handset is nearby or not.

You can then view a list of mobile voicemail messages and sort, prioritise and listen to these messages in any order desired right from the computer.

When not at the computer, you are notified of mobile voicemail messages via a detailed text message sent to your handset. You can still check voicemail from your mobile phone.

The Visual Voicemail service is currently available on most US carriers including Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile and 30 others nationwide.