There's nothing like a "what's hot" type list to make you feel old and out of touch.

Google has released the Google Zeitgeist results for the top gainers on for the last week (ending May 18).

These results look at search queries that have risen by a significant percentage in comparison to how many searches they were getting previously, the list is as follows: Gainers

1. jerry falwell
2. halo 3 beta
3. melinda doolittle
4. kim kardashian
5. preakness
6. shrek the third
7. taylor swift
8. phoenix suns
9. yolanda king
10. opie and anthony

Preaky-which-what? Kim Kar-der-never-hearda-ya-ian?

If (apart from the bit about Halo 3, obv.) this list looks like Google gibberish to you then take comfort in the fact that it's from the .com version of the search engine behemoth.

The UK version of Google's Zeitgeist results for April 2007 reveal a much more understandable, if slightly more prosaic set of popular searches including; water features (at number 2), revision (6), alloy wheels (13) and, of course, sponge bob square pants (5).