Google has announced two new developments to its search service that can be used as of today.

Unfortunately for the giant search engine, some of its quirky names have been unsuccessful. Take Google Product Search, which if you remember had a massive hype when it was launched as Froogle.

Apparently, users were confused by the name because it didn't have a clear enough description for what it was. Only difference here is, it’s renamed as "Product Search".

Secondly, Google wants to keep people using the search even when there’s nothing to search. A "recommendations" button has been added to the Google Toolbar, which will give you a relevant but random web page, based on your personal Search History.

It's easy to spend hours on it, seeing what the new feature will bring up next. However, when Pocket-lint tested it we got more pages we visit regularly than new unseen websites.

As part of this Google has added this feature to "Add a Tab" on the personalised page, which is similar to its news page but suggesting websites to visit. An explanation is provided for the advised website, for example "Pete Doherty Vows To Stay Off Drugs" because I had searched "Clapham Grand" and "Music". That's how random it is.