The music played in restaurants can often become the sour taste to any meal, whether it’s the reedy sounds of an Indian dish, the castanets of Spanish food or the guitar in an American diner. One British restaurant has found a way to make our delicacies taste even better.

The Fat Duck restaurant in Berkshire, famed as last year's best restaurant in the world, will begin supplying iPods to its customers while tucking into their food. The chef, Heston Blumenthal, says the Apple music players will help heighten the flavour of a new dish called Sound of the Sea.

Diners at the three Michelin-starred restaurant will be given a recording of breaking waves to listen to while they eat. Whatever happened to earmuffs made from seashells?

The new dish is made of seafood and edible seaweed served on a sand-like tapioca mixture.

"I did a series of tests with Charles Spence at Oxford University three years ago, which revealed that sound can really enhance the sense of taste", Blumenthal told Square Meal magazine.

The restaurant is also planning on sending diners 3D glasses and sweet-scented atomiser spray for all bookings.