With so much data theft the chance of swapping supplier, or your favourite online store is easy. A new survey has found over half of people stop spending at sites that had suffered security breaches.

So many people are worried about key personal data being stolen, 95%, and used by thieves that 53% said that would definitely shun stores online if any personal information had been lost.

Consumers also expressed their interest for financial institutions and governments taking greater responsibility for the data they gather. 58% felt companies should be taking control with 82% wanting to be notified immediately if a breach takes place.

The survey was commissioned by security firm Secerno and in part could reflect shoppers' behaviours following the report in December 2006 US when discount retailer TJX, which owns TJ Maxx, and UK outlet TK Maxx, realised it had been hit by criminal hackers who managed to spirit away more than 45 million credit card records.