MySpace is further considering expanding its range of features it offers to users to prevent third parties cashing in on its phenomenon.

This week, MySpace blocked all video and slideshow content from Photobucket because it apparently broke its terms of service. The company has said that Photobucket didn't seek permission to provide the file sharing service through the social network.

The company responded to News Corps action as a violation of users' freedom. Photobucket, which is a photo and video-sharing site, is seen to encourage traffic to be sent to other sites through posts on MySpace, which the social networking site is unhappy with.

MySpace suggested last year it might build its own file sharing services to prevent third parties in future. The site doesn’t have open application programming interface's compared to most internet interactive services.

It's unclear how many MySpace users the block affects, but it will be a significant number, due to the two sites' massive popularity.