Google has released the fourth version of its Earth software, which now includes 3D mapping.

Now not only can you view satellite images and mapping, you can also view 3D models of famous sites and terrain, like the Grand Canyon.

Although the team at Google has already added its own renderings, it has also released a version of Google SketchUp, its 3D design and rendering software, that any developer can use to create their own mock-ups of either well-known landmarks or the area where they live and work.

You simply download Google SketchUp, create a 3D model of whatever you like, and then upload it to the 3D Warehouse.

If it meets with Google approval, it may appear in the Best of 3d Warehouse, an overlay in Google Earth.

SketchUp 6 has been improved so that you can find images via Photo Match to help you design your 3D models, and has added new Style settings.

Google Earth 4 has also received other improvements, including an easier user interface and a slightly different layout.