Google has been busy revamping some of its online tools for its users. Google Apps for your Domain has received some additional features, and Google Toolbar 3 beta is now available for Firefox users.

The start page for Google Apps for Your Domain has new options so that the administrator can make it easire for users to find relevant, essential information, preview their inboxes and calendars, and search the web. The user interface can also be customised.

Simple, customised URLs can be added to make accessing email accounts, for example, and now the system also support multiple domains linked together.

The Google Toolbar 3 beta has added the features of the toolbar for IE to Firefox. You can now access your bookmarks from any computer, add custom buttons, and share web pages via Blogger, Gmail, and SMS.

In addition, one of the most powerful new features is the ability to view files directly in Google Docs and Spreadsheets without having to download them and reopen open them. You simple click on a link to a document or spreadsheet, and it opens in the browser.