Google has admitted a gaff in sending a virus to members of its Google Video email group.

The Kama Sutra virus, also known as W32/Kapser.A, was sent out in three postings to the Google Video blog, to which 50,000 people subscribe. Google admitted to the mistake in a note on the Google Video website, but doesn’t offer advice on how to remove the virus should users have downloaded it, except to recommend to run an antivirus software.

It does, however, offer Norton Antivirus for free from the Google pack download.

The Kama Sutra virus was reported in the wild in February, but did very little damage, as it was designed to overwrite files on a specific date, but was discovered before it could do its misdeeds.

The Video Blog lets subscribers know about “interesting and fun” videos posted to Google Video. This virus is the latest in a number of technical glitches at Google in recent weeks. It has also had its official blog hacked, and has also mistakenly deleted it.