Google has released an update for its online Spreadsheets tool with a number of improved features to make sharing and printing easier.

It now support the Open Document Format by allowing you to “print” to that file format, as well as to PDF.

By popular demand, it now includes a function that lets you force multiple lines into the same cell, to make formatting addresses in certain application easier.

Sharing has become more open, so that rather than having to specify a contact’s email address, anyone who receives the URL can gain access, although this is an option and can be turned off.

Gmail contacts have now been integrated so that you can find contacts’ email address from Gmail, Calendar, and other Google applications.

Other small features that have been added are greater choice of currency symbols, a “new features” link that keeps abreast of all new additions when the software is updated, and a greater allowance for users editing at the same time – now up to 50 people.

For a full list of the updates, visit this Google support site.