Google apparently thinks Apple can succeed where no other company has and is jumping at the chance to be part of its iTV device.

Google is in discussions with Apple about supplying video content for its iTV set-top box, according to a report in Newsweek magazine.

iTV, which was previewed at Apple’s special press conference last week, broadcasts media content stored on a computer on a TV screen. Google apparently wants to supply Apple with video clips for the player.

Other companies have developed set-top boxes like iTV to speed the convergence of digital media stored on a computer with the home entertainment system, but none have been too successful. Even Microsoft, whose Xbox360 console can be used as a “media extender” when used with Windows Media Center Edition or Vista, has released no official figures on how many Xbox360 owners use this facility.

iTV will debut early next year for around $299. Apple’s hope is that the device will inspire people to start downloading films and video, rather than buying DVDs to play in a standalone DVD player.