Google is starting to warn internet users when they click on a link from a search result list that takes them to a site hosting malware.

The action is being taken as part of Google’s involvement with the Stop Badware Coalition, which is also supported by Sun Microsystems and Chinese computer manufacturer Lenova.

Google’s page states: “Warning – the site you are about to visit may harm your computer!”.

It suggests users visit to learn more about malware, go back to the search page to click on a different link, or continue to the potentially dangerous site.

The Stop Badware Coalition is led by Harvard University and the University of Oxford. Teams from those institutions provide much of the manpower for the initiative.

The Stop Badware blog promises that the warning page will soon contain a more detailed report about what sort of malware has been detected after the team has finished researching the sites.

The blog also says that internet users can report sites that they believe contain malware for the team to examine.