Google has added its Suggest feature to its news service Google News.

The suggest feature provides you with search suggestions specific to news in your country, in real time, while you type.

However to benefit from the new service you will have to be logged in and have already selected to opt for Google to throw-up suggestions.

Suggest + News is currently English-only, the suggestions will reflect the English-language regional edition you're viewing.

As you type, the search engine gives you a series of possibilities listed in the search bar as well as telling you how many results that search will return.

"I find that this helps me save time while doing frequent searches (e.g. [google]. And seeing the Suggest list gives me a sense of the most common news queries", said Jon McAlister, Software Engineer who developed the application in his 20 per cent of time allocated to work on other projects of his choice.

You can try out the news suggest service at