Google is reported to be preparing to offer online storage to web users according to company documents mistakenly leaked online.

According to Reuters, the search engine reveals that the GDrive would allow users to store their all of their files within the space.

“The existence of the previously rumored GDrive online storage service surfaced after a blogger discovered apparent notes in a slide presentation by Google executives published on Google's site after its analysts presentation day last Thursday”, the news agency reported.

Google moved quickly to deny the claims. Spokesperson Lynn Fox said: "We deleted the slide notes because they were not intended for publication.

"We are constantly working on new ways to enhance our products and services for users, but have nothing to announce at this time."

The removed notes go on to state that GDrive is one of several efforts in this direction but faces bandwidth constraints for many users with slower network speeds means the service is unlikely to be globally accepted straight away.

The move could mean part of an online service where Google offers users online applications alongside drive space.

Earlier this year Google announced Google pages, a service that allows users to to create websites online and store the data on Googles servers.