Google has launched a new version of its desktop application that offers a host of new features.

Alongside the ability to find emails, files, photos, web history and access your Gmail account, Google has also updated its sidebar feature to allow users to undock a panel from the sidebar and float it anywhere on the desktop.

The slider bar includes quick views of email, news headlines, weather in your area, photos from the web and your computer, stocks, rss feeds, a scratch pad so you can make memos to yourself, maps, and a quick view feature that allows you to keep a list of frequently used web pages and files.

New features introduced also include a lock feature to stop anyone searching for files on your desktop when you are away from it.

Additionally, the company has introduced is the ability to search your documents and viewed web pages across all your computers.

Google has also updated the applications, Outlook Integration, Homepage customisation, Advanced Search features, the Results Pages and its Timeline feature.

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