Judging from an email we got from a confused reader following our posting of "Google delists BMW Germany for foul play" it appears Google has re-instated BMW Germany back into its listings.

Where earlier on in the week a search for "BMW Germany" merely listed the company's global site bmw.com, doing the same search today in the search engine offers the .de version of BMW's website at the top of the list.

Pocket-lint reported on Sunday that Google had flexed its muscles and dropped BMW Germany from its search engine following the German car manufacturer's attempts to artificially boost its popularity ranking.

The de-listing was first highlighted by a software engineer at Google who cited the car manufacturer used "methods used by BMW were a violation of the search engine's guidelines".

The black-listing was brought about by BMW Germany trying to cheat Google's indexing spiders into believing that the term "Used Car" was more important to specific pages that it actually was.

Thanks Gilani