Google has launched a mobile version of its Google Local Service that will allow users to search for businesses or services in a specific geographical location and view the search results plotted on a map.

While Google's focus will be on expanding its services for mobile phone users such as the Google Local and Google Maps services,

Yahoo is also hoping to increase its presence in the mobile phone industry with the announcement that it will be releasing a Yahoo Mobile phone next year the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Yahoo, according to the paper will soon introduce a mobile phone made by Nokia that it will sell through a partnership with SBC Communications, according to SBC executives as early as the first half of next year.

Operating on the Cingular Wireless network (part owned by SBC) the phone will offer the usual array of features including an MP3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera and will have a removable memory card.

The phone will take Yahoo a step closer to linking music, photos and email with consumers' existing online accounts, address books and preferences, the paper said.

Starting today, American mobile phone users using internet enabled mobile phones will be able to access satellite maps wirelessly as they can on the Google Maps service.

Last year, Google began letting US consumers get search results by sending text messages from their cellphones.