People were expecting an announcement to change the computing world forever, but it seems that today's Google/Sun conference is to let everyone know that the two companies have come to an agreement to promote and distribute their software technologies to millions of users around the world together.

The announcement will see Sun Microsystems and Google distribute each other's software technologies in a deal that further promotes products that are already widely available.

The agreement aims to make it easier for users to freely obtain Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE), the Google Toolbar and the office productivity suite, helping millions of users worldwide to participate in the next wave of internet growth.

Under the agreement, Sun will include the Google Toolbar as an option in its consumer downloads of the Java Runtime Environment on In addition, the companies have agreed to explore opportunities to promote and enhance Sun technologies, like the Java Runtime Environment and the productivity suite available at

"Each company is blazing new trails with their technology and commitment to participation and open standards", says Mark Herring, Sun director of Java Brand and Community Marketing. "The collaboration between these two powerhouses is a milestone for the industry. By working together, Sun and Google are ushering in a new era of dynamic, interactive technology solutions".

The bigger picture means that a Google Office suite isn't out of the running just yet, however it will probably be some time coming, unless Google can raise enough cash to buy Sun outright.