Next time you go to the boss asking for a pay rise take a thought for Google chiefs Larry Page and Sergey Brin who last year worked at Google for $1.

Don't cry for them however as the two men are currently worth more than $7 billion dollars.

The news has come as the search engine has filed its latest proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

Prior to that both Brin and Page received $150,000 a year. Both however haven't gone poor selling large chunks of their Google stake during the past few months through pre-determined selling plans. Brin sold 76,300 shares, generating $14 million in the process, while Page sold 400,000 shares in March, raising more than $70 million.

Google isn't the first to pay its bosses $1 for a years work. Apple's Steve Jobs agreed to just a $1 salary in 1998 to help the then flagging company and still only earns that today some seven years later.