Google has launched a UK version of its internet shopping service, Froggle in the UK in direct competition to rivals such as Kelkoo.

Froggle UK, which is currently still in beta aims to offer UK shoppers online price comparisons of everything from iPods to DVDs and more. The UK expansion follows a long trail period in the US of the service.

"We developed Froogle UK so that online shoppers could quickly and easily locate the products they are looking for, from the most obscure to the most popular," said Cosmos Nicolaou, engineering director at Google.

However the news should make interesting discussions with Kelkoo who are currently one of Google AdWords, Google's contextual ad service, biggest customers. Kelkoo, which was recently bought by Yahoo for $589m is one of Europe's leading search engine price comparison sites alongside

Google though are keen to see past the new announcement and any effect it may have on the relationship.

"As far as we're concerned, we'd be happy to show Kelkoo's listings," said Mr Nicolaou.

In our tests of Froggle, has seemed to do very well out of the new service constantly being top in the search, although listing a price that is far cheaper than its actually selling for. Have the boys over at Amazon found a way to trick the system?

Google has said that the Froggle service, like the US version will be free to both sellers and buyers to list with money being earnt by AdWords adverts served on the page.