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(Pocket-lint) - Google has finally given Chrome some love on tablets, adding a new side-by-side view and more for those using its browser on devices other than phones.

The move is a rare highlight for Google Android tablet users, but comes soon after the announcement of a forthcoming Pixel Tablet, perhaps explaining the new focus. No matter where it's happening, it's welcome - and the changes are ones that Chrome users will no doubt be pleased to see.

The first improvement is designed to make it easier for people to manage tabs. Google says that a new side-by-side design makes it easier for people to select the right tab, for instance. Those switching between two tabs quickly can also use the auto-scroll back feature to help them swipe between them. People who regularly accidentally close tabs will also appreciate the fact that Chrome will now hide the close button when tabs become too small, too.


Another improvement is a new view that will display all open tabs in a grid, along with a preview of the page that is open at the time. That makes it easier for people to find the tab that they are looking for - especially for those who prefer visual cues rather than reading the name of a tab.

Next up, drag and drop. Chrome now supports the dragging of images, text, and links from Chrome and into other apps like Gmail, Photos, and more. That's a great feature for people who live their lives in split-screen mode, specifically.

There's more in this new update. Chrome can now be told to always request the desktop version of a webpage, and we're told that tab groups are also coming to Chrome on Android tablets in the future, too.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.
  • Source: Productivity just got better in Chrome on Android tablets - blog.google
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