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(Pocket-lint) - Google Maps on iOS will soon finally receive integration for dark mode, which Apple debuted way back at the launch of iOS 13.

The company outlined in a blog post that the new feature will be rolling out to Maps users over the coming weeks, meaning that those who enjoy using dark mode on their iPhone or iPad will soon automatically see the app follow suit.

To enable the feature, all you need to do is ensure dark mode is turned on in your iOS settings. To do so, head to 'Settings', tap on 'Display & Brightness' and either turn your device's appearance to 'Dark' or 'Automatic'.

Turning this to 'Automatic' will allow Google to switch between light and dark backgrounds and match your settings, which can themselves be set to a custom schedule or follow the sunrise/sunset times.

Interestingly, the integration also isn't the only thing that Google has added to Maps on iOS. 

Widgets on the iOS home screen will now be supported, with two different options to pick between. One allows users to see traffic conditions near them, while the other is a shortcut for Maps' search function and saved locations.

Sharing live location via Google Maps will be coming to iOS, too, allowing iMessage users an easy shortcut to letting friends and family know exactly where they are.

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As with WhatsApp's proprietary live location sharing feature, this is shared for an hour by default, but can also be extended for up to three days. To use it, simply tap the Google maps icon in iMessage.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 4 August 2021.