Weird and wonderful views captured via Google Earth

In December 2021 a Redditor spotted a sight you're unlikely to see very often. A stealth bomber in flight. Failing to live up to its name.   (image credit: Google)
This is the Uffington White Horse, a prehistoric figure that's carved into the hills of the English countryside in Oxfordshire.  (image credit: Google)
Barringer Meteor Crater is one of the many meteor craters on Earth. It's said to be 50,000 years old, 560 feet deep and one heck of a sight.  (image credit: Google)
This is just a disused airfield. Looks pretty cool from above though.  (image credit: Google)
In part of the fertile region of Argentina, there's a particular stretch of land where a farmer has grown a guitar shaped forest in memory of his wife.  (image credit: Google)
Over in Chile, you'll find the World's largest Coca-Cola logo.  (image credit: Google)
This magnificent private property located in Columbia Station, Ohio boasts a seriously romantic lake shaped like a heart.  (image credit: Google)
This is the Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara. (image credit: Google)
In 2008, Google Earth users discovered this building in Coronado, California and the internet was outraged. (image credit: Google)
When viewed from above, there's a certain spot in Alberta, Canada where a natural formation of the land looks like the face of a person.  (image credit: Google)
In Berlin, on the river Spree, there's a swimming pool. But not just any swimming pool, a swimming pool that's built on a river.  (image credit: Google)
Just outside Baghdad in Iraq, there's a bright red lake that looks like it is made of blood.  (image credit: Google)
In El Segundo, California is Mattel's global headquarters. (image credit: Google)
In the depths of Nevada, there's a giant target seemingly painted on the ground.  (image credit: Google)
Just outside Whipsnade Zoo, there's an enormous lion cut into the side of the hill, crafting another magnificent chalk artwork on the English countryside.  (image credit: Google)
Located just outside Tucson, Arizona, lies Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This base is the last resting place for thousands of obsolete military aeroplanes.  (image credit: Google)
This wonderfully colourful sight is known as Potash Ponds. These are mines that are used in the creation of different fertilisers.  (image credit: Google)
This is a memorial in the desert to the fallen passengers of UTA Flight 772 that was blown up by terrorists in 1989. (image credit: Google)
This is the world's largest solar farm located in India. It spans 14,000 acres of land and produces 2.25GW of power.  (image credit: Google)
This is an area of centre-pivot irrigation land where crops are efficiently watered with a pivoting sprinkler system. (image credit: Google)

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