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(Pocket-lint) - Google's password manager is getting an upgrade with a slew of new features to make the service a lot more useful.

Currently there's a password management system that you'll find in Android and Chrome, linked to your Google Account and accessible at passwords.google.com.

In an update to the system - and to encourage more people to use it - there's a couple of changes coming to the service.

The first is that you'll be able to import passwords from other services. That, technically, means that if you're moving from one password system to Google's then you'll easily be able to move all those passwords across.

That might scare services like LastPass, which recently started charging for its password service, but whether it will move your passwords over from Apple remains to be seen.

While the system has been in place to offer you secure and unique passwords and remember them for you, it's now going to be a lot more proactive about telling you when a password has been compromised because of a hack or security breach.

Not only that, but you'll then be able to use the password manager to change that compromised password for you, making your accounts secure again.

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Exactly when the updates will land hasn't been confirmed, but it looks like Google wants to get a lot more serious about protecting your accounts.

Writing by Chris Hall.