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(Pocket-lint) - Google Drive is a lifesaver for many a business and personal user, letting you easily back up your files to the cloud from mobile devices in particular.

On desktop and laptops, though, it's been a slightly different story. While the web app you can visit in your browser is simple and easy, actual desktop app users have been divided into two camps.

For business use there's been a programme called Drive File Stream, while for personal use there's been another called Backup and Sync, which work in slightly different ways. 

Google's rightly figured out that it's a confusing situation, and with the latest update for Drive File Stream, it's got a new name - Google Drive for desktop, and will become the single destination for all users. 

Backup and Sync is on death row, effectively - Google says its users will need to move across, although not quite yet. It wants to make sure the new Google Drive for desktop is completely ready before it gives them all three months' notice to move. 

There are full details on the planning behind this on the Google Workspace blog here, so you can check that out to find out the full details, and see how to check it out for yourself. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 5 February 2021.