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(Pocket-lint) - If you own an Android phone and use Google Photos, you now have a cool new feature available: The ability to set memories as your wallpaper.

Those of you who are on the hunt for a new wallpaper will be able to use images in your Memories section of Google Photos. More specifically, you can set your wallpaper as a random, rotating series of saved photos. A new software update rolling out to the Google Photos app, called Version 5.22, will allow you to go to your phone’s wallpaper section, and under live wallpapers, you should see the option to use Memories.

Once selected, your phone will start serving up photos as your background. You can even preview what you’ll see as a wallpaper before setting it. Unfortunately, you can't decide which Memories to see. Google will use its machine learning algorithms to pull photos on your behalf. So, there is always the possibility that NSFW photos might show up, though we hope its algorithm is smart enough to look for better photos.

Keep in mind Google recently announced it is ditching Google Photos' unlimited, free photo storage feature on 1 June 2021. From that date, Google Photos will start charging for storage over 15GB. If you're thinking about testing out a different service, best try out a live "Memories" wallpaper now.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.